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Next steps for post-event follow-ups

Now that Explore Dynamics 365 is over, it’s time to turn post-event enthusiasm into real business opportunities!


How to get started:

1. Download your Post-Event Follow-Up Guide

→ Print and follow step-by-step checklist with instructions for turning post-event enthusiasm into real business
→ Use provided copy (or similar) for email follow-ups (see Step 3)

2. Download your list of registrants and attendees

→ List will be sent to your provided contact email from partners@explored365.com
→ Contact partners@explored365.com if you do not receive your list or if you have questions or need assistance

3. Email your customers and prospects

→ Share links/instructions for next steps with you and/or your CRM/ERP partner
→ Promise a follow-up call

4. Get on the phone with your customers and prospects

→ What are their needs/goals?
→ What are their struggles?
→ What did they see at the event that got them thinking or even excited?