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Next steps and resources to drive engagement

ALWAYS send customers and prospects to your CUSTOM LANDING PAGE URL!

Your custom landing page is how we generate business for you. We track who referred each registrant so we can send you information about your registrants for follow-ups.

Your custom landing page URL will be sent to your provided contact email from Partners@ExploreD365.com.


How to get started:

1. Confirm landing page request and set Partners@ExploreD365.com as a safe sender

→ Check inbox & junk folders for confirmation email from Partners@ExploreD365.com
→ If email is in junk folder, mark it as not junk and set Partners@ExploreD365.com as a safe sender
→ Once confirmation email is in inbox, click the confirmation link
→ We will send landing page URLs, updates, resources, and reminders from this email address

2. Download your Event Marketing Checklist

→ Step-by-step instructions for spreading the word to coworkers, customers, and prospects

3. Download marketing templates and resources

→ Copy, images, and instructions for driving engagement through email and social media

4. Spread the word!

→ Send info and resources to your marketing, sales, and customer service teams
→ Send your customers and prospects to your custom landing page URL